Panchen Lama

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Pan·chen La·ma

 (pän′chən lä′mə)
Tibetan Buddhism's second highest lama, below the Dalai Lama.

[Tibetan paṇchen bla-ma : paṇchen, great scholar (Sanskrit paṇḍitaḥ, scholar; see pundit + Tibetan chen-po, great) + Tibetan bla-ma, monk; see lama.]

Panchen Lama

(Buddhism) one of the two Grand Lamas of Tibet, ranking below the Dalai Lama. Also called: Tashi Lama
[from Tibetan panchen, literally: great jewel, from the title of the lama (in full: great jewel among scholars)]

Ta•shi La•ma

(ˈtɑ ʃi ˈlɑ mə)
a Tibetan monk and spiritual leader second in rank to the Dalai Lama.
Also called Panchen Lama.
[after Tashi (Lumpo), the monastery of which this Lama is abbot]
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Noun1.Panchen Lama - the lama next in rank to the Dalai Lama
lama - a Tibetan or Mongolian priest of Lamaism
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In reply to another query, the 17th Karmapa said there was no pressure from China on him to recognize the Panchen Lama, Tibetan Buddhism's second most powerful leader, who is usually selected by Beijing.
Hong Kong, April 25 (Xinhua-ANI): The 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu attended the Grand Blessing Ceremony for worshiping Sakyamuni's parietal-bone relic held in the Hong Kong Coliseum on Wednesday afternoon.
Governor-general Warren Hastings (1732-1818), took advantage of the opening to send George Bogle (1747-1781), a young Scottish official, via Bhutan to Tashi Lhunpo where he was to make direct contact with the Panchen Lama.
The exiled Tibetan leader, however, reportedly said he is concerned China will use the Panchen Lama it sanctions to recognize the next Dalai Lama.
At the same time they took an oath and drafted a resolution that would bring compromise between the Tibetan government and the Panchen Lama.
In March this year the abbot, one of Tibetan Buddhism's top religious leaders, spoke out against China's Tibet policy in a speech in Los Angeles, criticizing Beijing's nomination process for selecting the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama.
Karmapa Lama is the spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and is the third most important leader in Tibetan hierarchy after the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama.
As to the identity of the lama, the only clue is the reference to the moon, which often symbolizes HH the Panchen Lama, about whom controversy still rages in Tibet.
S OON AFTER the 10th Panchen Lama passed away in Shigatse in January 1989, the Dalai Lama started performing pujas in order to locate the genuine reincarnation of the diseased Panchen Lama, the second most important figure in Tibetan Buddhism.
In 1995, after the Dalai Lama named a boy in Tibet as the reincarnation of the previous Panchen Lama, the second highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism, China put the child under house arrest and installed another.
State media said on Tuesday that China's Communist Party boss in Tibet has urged the Chinese-appointed Panchen Lama, the second-highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism, to reject the Dalai Lama.
LHASA (CyHAN)- The 11th Panchen Lama, Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu, has been elected chairman of Tibet Development Fund, a non-governmental, non-profit organization.