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Noun1.Pandanaceae - family of woody plants of the order Pandanales including pandanus
liliopsid family, monocot family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
order Pandanales, Pandanales - families Typhaceae; Sparganiaceae; Pandanaceae
genus Pandanus - type genus of the Pandanaceae (as screw pines)
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(Pandanaceae), Hibiscus esculentus (Malvaceae), Cannabis sativa (Cannabaceae), P.
Prominent among plant families used in plaitwork are Arecaceae (rattans, fan-palms, sago palms), Poaceae/Gramineae (bamboos), Pandanaceae (screw-pines), Cyperaceae (sedges), Zingiberaceae (gingers), as well as Hypoxidaceae, Marantaceae, Gleicheniaceae, and Moraceae.
Sarker, "Assessment of neuropharmacological activities of Pandanus foetidus (Pandanaceae) in mice," Die Pharmazie-An International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, vol.
Zara Award for Basic Research for her pioneering works on the Phytochemistry and biological activities of Philippine genus Pandanus (Family Pandanaceae) or better known as pandan plants.
On the other hand, Pandanus amaryllifolius is a member of the family Pandanaceae consisting of a group of plants generally referred to as "screw pines.
Milne Edwards, 1837 are associated to Pandanaceae (CUMBERLIDGE et al., 2005; NG & LIU, 2003; SCHUBART et al., 2003; THIERCELIN & SCHUBART, 2014).
Entre las familias introducidas (especies), algunas ya naturalizadas, que no se tomaron en cuenta para los analisis, figuran Altingiaceae, Araucariaceae, Balsaminaceae, Casuarinaceae, Colchicaceae, Cupressaceae, Cycadaceae, Liliaceae, Moringaceae, Musaceae, Pandanaceae, Pedaliaceae, Pinaceae, Pittosporaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Saxifragaceae y Taxodiaceae.
The Ayurvedic plant Pandanus odoratissimus Linn belonging to the family Pandanaceae Pandanus comprises 500600 species and is distributed mainly in subtropical and tropical regions; out of these, 36 species have been recorded in India.
Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb.) is a tropical plant of the family Pandanaceae. Pandan has narrow and strap-shaped green leaves with a spiral arrangement [8].
Ciruelillo Arbusto Neo Familia Pandanaceae Pandanus tectorius Arbol Aus-Pal Parkinson Familia Phyllanthaceae Heterosavia bahamensis Hicaquillo Arbusto Neo-Hol (Britton) Petra Hoffm.
Pandan comes from the thatch screwpine herb (Pandanaceae tectorius) and bignay, horseradish tree, and saw palmetto, with accompanying famous herbs for kidney-and immune-boosting health: ngai camphor tree, holy basil, yerba buena, pansit-pansitan, Chinese chaste tree, Indian tinospora, Madagascar periwinkle, Rauwolfia, and Panax ginseng.
(Pandanaceae), Fog 17, tray 7, [male] (AMNH_PBI 00340260) (BMNH).