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 (păn′dər-əs) also Pan·dar (-dər)
1. The leader of the Lycians, slain by Diomedes in the Iliad.
2. The procurer of Cressida for Troilus in medieval romance.


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the leader of the Lycians, allies of the Trojans in their war with the Greeks. He broke the truce by shooting Menelaus with an arrow and was killed in the ensuing battle by Diomedes
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) (in medieval legend) the procurer of Cressida on behalf of Troilus


(ˈpæn dər əs)

a Lycian ally of Priam in the Trojan War: in medieval legend, the procurer of Cressida for Troilus.
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And if any one asserts that the violation of oaths and treaties, which was really the work of Pandarus, was brought about by Athene and Zeus, or that the strife and contention of the gods was instigated by Themis and Zeus, he shall not have our approval; neither will we allow our young men to hear the words of Aeschylus, that
Ida, men of substance, who drink the limpid waters of the Aesepus, and are of Trojan blood--these were led by Pandarus son of Lycaon, whom Apollo had taught to use the bow.
(13) Wells (2004) pointed out that this passage in Macbeth imitates the "heroic virtus" of Turnus slicing Pandarus in half in Virgil's Aeneid, one of the bloodiest passages in the poem (118-19).
RSC veteran Oliver Ford Davies is superb as a wise, yet prurient Pandarus and Achilles (Andy Apollo) is, deliberately and amusingly, more drama queen than conquering warrior.
RSC veteran Oliver Ford Davies is superb as a wise, yet prurient Pandarus. Achilles - Andy Apollo - is, deliberately and amusingly, more drama queen than conquering warrior.
Peacefully at St Kentigerns Hospice, St Asaph, aged 81 years, and of Ffordd Pandarus, Mostyn.
Patroclus, rather like Pandarus, serves as the go-between and tells the assembled group that Achilles hopes that their presence is for nothing more than "sport and pleasure" (107).
John Glover turns in a funny but mercilessly cruel portrayal of Pandarus, the annoying old uncle who pushes the young lovers into one another's arms for one night of bliss.
We may call a bobby (Sir Robert Peel, 1788-1850, founded the Met) We shouldn't be mesmerised (Franz Mesmer, Austrian physician, 1734-1815, hypnotised his patients) or pander to the delinquents (Pandarus was a greasy fixer for lovers Troilus and Cressida in Chaucer's poem).
Using the music surrounding that scene, mainly Pandarus's lascivious song, as a starting point, Minear develops a scheme for understanding the play as a whole.
The following section is devoted to analyzing the main characters--Troilus, Pandarus, and Criseyde--in the Troilus and Criseyde in terms of how their individual destinies are interwoven with the preordained fate of Troy.
Lenz sees the contagion motif functioning even more strongly in Troilus and Criseyde where it is Pandarus who operates as the agent of contagion, infecting Criseyde with Troilus's love-sickness.