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1. Pandects A digest of Roman civil law, compiled for the emperor Justinian in the sixth century ad and part of the Corpus Juris Civilis. Also called Digest.
2. The definitive statement of a legal rule.

[Latin pandectēs, encyclopedia, from Greek pandektēs, all-receiving : pan-, pan- + dektēs, receiver (from dekhesthai, to receive, accept; see dek- in Indo-European roots).]

pandect, pandects

a legal code or complete body or system of laws.
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In book VII of the Pandectae sive partitiorum universalium libri IX of 1548, devoted to music books, an item is mentioned with the description "Selectissimarum Mutetarum quatuor vocum tomus primus, Norimbergae apud Petreium excusus", dated 154025.
65) Schipani sugiere que la traduccion del latin al italiano que se debe realizar sobre la expresion en particular es "ma si deve vedere se leccezione possa tornare di vantaggio alfideiussore": Schipani, lustiniani Augusti Digesta seu Pandectae, testo e traduzione, Milan, 2005, 380.
More importantly, Justinian I requested the commission collect and edit the most important writings on jurisprudence issued in 533 as the Digestum or Pandectae.
Es el autor de un famoso comentario a las pandectas, esto es, a los codigos de JUSTINIANO, que tiene la particularidad de haberlas expuesto en un "nuevo orden": Pandectae Justinianeae in novum ordinem digestae (1748).
O liberto destacou-se ainda como gramatico e critico literario; alguns dos seus trabalhos sobre estilo e sintaxe latinas e outras questoes de indole variada, as suas Pandectae, bem como algumas cartas que escreveu sobre questoes literarias foram objecto constante de referencia nas Noctes Atticae de Aulo Gelio (98).