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A dense chewy cake of Italian origin containing nuts, honey, candied or dried fruits, and spices.

[Italian : pane, bread; see panatela + forte, strong; see forte2.]
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The traditional dessert containing fruits and nuts known as Panforte comes from which country?
Perfect with traditional Christmas pudding or something different like a nutty Italian Panforte.
Total calories per serving: 438 Carbohydrates: 64 grams Sodium: 15 milligrams Fat: 23 grams Protein: 7 grams Fiber: 6 grams Santa's Favorite Panforte (Serves 20) Panforte is a very traditional, festive Italian Christmas candy.
I prefer Siena's sexier sweets - ricciarelli (almond cakes), panforte (a sweet filled with Christmas pud spices, nuts and fruit) and cantucci biscotti.
uk Lovingly crafted cakes and sweet treats including a rich panforte (whole nuts, figs and spices in an Italian soft set of honey) and a chocolate, orange and Cointreau cake, both for PS20.
A cross between Rice Krispies Treats and Italian panforte (fruitcake), these bars are based on a recipe from Healthy in a Hurry (see below).
Tuscan Connection" with Judy Witts Francini features Truffled Chickpea and Farro Salad from Umbria; Pumpkin Soup With Amaretti; Roast Beef With Tuscan Herbs; Sicilian Spicy Orange Salad; and Fig and Walnut Panforte With Ricotta.
The dessert section is also Toscana-orientated with the panforte classico or panforte al cioccolato good choices.
Last in the lineup is a sweet, chewy confection that is somewhat reminiscent of a candy - and popular in Italy this time of year - panforte.
Also called "Siena cake," panforte was first created in Siena, Italy, in the 13th century and continues to be enjoyed by Italian cuisine enthusiasts around the world.
The essay also contains this tantalizing tidbit: Schwartz was once a big sister to a Barnard student who cracked her tooth--no, not on an olive pit but on a morsel of panforte.
QI've seen panforte go on sale in shops this year and it looks very nice.