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 (pä′nə-nē) fl. 400 bc.
Indian grammarian. His Ashtadhyayi, one of the first works of descriptive linguistics, presents grammatical rules for Sanskrit.


n. pl. panini or pa·ni·nis
A panino.

[Italian, plural (taken as a singular in English) of panino; see panino.]


(pæˈniːnɪ) or


n, pl -ni or -nis
(Cookery) a type of Italian bread, usually served grilled with a variety of fillings
[C20: from Italian, pl of panino a bread roll]


(ˈpɑ ni ni for 1; pɑˈni ni for 2 )

1. fl. c400 B.C., Indian grammarian of Sanskrit.
2. Pannini, Giovanni Paolo.
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Noun1.Panini - Indian grammarian whose grammatical rules for Sanskrit are the first known example of descriptive linguistics (circa 400 BC)
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