panna cotta

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pan·na cot·ta

(păn′ə kŏt′ə)
A chilled dessert made with cream and often milk simmered with sugar and flavorings and set with gelatin, typically served with a caramel or fruit sauce.

[Italian : panna, cream (from Old Italian, from panno, cloth (since a layer of cream covers milk like a cloth after it rises), from Latin pannus; see pan- in Indo-European roots) + cotta, cooked; see terra cotta.]
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With just enough room for dessert, I chose strawberries with avocado ice cream and she the passion fruit pannacotta.
Meanwhile, new dishes include a twist on the classic margherita pizza: the Pizza Caprese and pannacotta.
THE MENU:A typical menu at Sawyards could include: Starters Hand-dived scallops with minted peas with ventrethe bacon Dill marinaded organic salmon, lemon and lime caramel, fennel salad with mustard mayonnaise Mains Slow cooked fillet beef, confit cabbage, brazed root vegetables and red wine sauce Pan fillet dorade, blue prawn tortellini Dessert Dark chocolate delice, griottine cherry clafoutis (chocolate mousse and baked pudding) Vanilla pannacotta with glazed seasonal fruits
It is at the Maltings Arts Centre from 10am to 2pm and Brenda Leddy of Stichill Jerseys will be selling a wide variety of products using the milk from her herd of Jersey Cows, including butter, pannacotta, lemon curd and Abbey Cheese, named after nearby Kelso Abbey.
Daughter ordered pannacotta with raspberries and raspberry coulis and I had lemon and honey cheesecake, drizzled with honey - a wonderful combination of tartness and sweetness.
I think the best ones come from California, I always get excited when I get my first supplies of the blood oranges and for the first week theyappear in many forms on the menu, in salads with bitter salad leaves, bacon andsome seared scallops, in a butter sauce with a touch of laver bread, in a jelly, sorbet and surrounding a pannacotta, or freshly squeezed for breakfast.
We shared a delicious pannacotta with fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis.
Ruth Mosalski, July 2015 Restaurant James Sommerin, Penarth "The mini chocolate macaroon, pistachio and hazelnut nougat and piece of coconut were all delicious but it was the bubblegum pannacotta which was the star of the show.
50 for two courses, PS27 for three) offers local delights like Brixham scallops, Somerset mackerel, West Country cheeses and luscious puds like green tea pannacotta.
Chocolate mousse - mousse siocled with mefus Penlanlas - and pannacotta - pannacotta fanila, riwbob wedi'u botsio.
Belgium's other famous export is chocolate; give the chocolate pannacotta a try -- the silky topping is deeply chocolate-y without being oversweet, and is tempered by the (somewhat over-set) vanilla cream below.