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An ancient Roman province of central Europe including present-day western Hungary and the northwest Balkan Peninsula. Its people were finally subjugated by Rome in ad 9, although the province was abandoned after 395.

Pan·no′ni·an adj. & n.


(Placename) a region of the ancient world south and west of the Danube: made a Roman province in 6 ad


(pəˈnoʊ ni ə)

an ancient Roman province in central Europe, S and W of the Danube, whose territory is now mostly in Hungary and Yugoslavia.
Pan•no′ni•an, adj., n.
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The four vessels for sale include the supramax bulk carriers Lusitania G, Cyrenaica G, Pannonia G and Dalmatia G, all built in South Korea between 2010 and 2012.
Gerulata, the Roman military camp, used to lie on the area of today's suburb of Bratislava, Rusovce, and was part of the Roman Province of Pannonia.
Recientemente las experiencias de los CSIR han sido abordadas por Alves y Rego (2012), que han analizado los cuatro CSIR de Galicia-Norte y Portugal, mientras que Hammer (2010) hizo lo propio con el CSIR de West Pannonia, situado en la frontera entre Austria y Hungria.
Stuart Holland, University of Coimbra (P) and ISES, University of Pannonia, Hungary
37 ha) and planimetry are obviously other legionnaire forts built during the reign of Marcus Aurelius (Locic in Pannonia Superior and Albing in Noricum) [1], [2], [3].
UO Jazz Department alum Josh Deutsch performs with his band Pannonia from 7:30 p.
Septimius Severus, commander of the army in the province of Pannonia, inflamed the legions with outrage at the Praetorians' infamy, and he led his army into Rome to behead Julianus "as a common criminal," punish the Practorians, and assume the imperial purple.
immediately moves on to a description of events in Pannonia (1.
Pannonia was located over the territory of the present-day western Hungary, eastern Austria and the Balkans.
MKB Bank is now owned by Blue Robin Investments, private equity fund METIS and Pannonia Pension Fund.
He also covers extensively the affairs in Armenia, and ValensAE diplomatic dealings with the Sarmatae and Quadi in Pannonia and Valeria after he had pacified the Alamannic King Macrianus.
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