Panthera tigris

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Noun1.Panthera tigris - large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripesPanthera tigris - large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes; endangered
tiger cub - a young tiger
big cat, cat - any of several large cats typically able to roar and living in the wild
genus Panthera, Panthera - lions; leopards; snow leopards; jaguars; tigers; cheetahs; saber-toothed tigers
Bengal tiger - southern short-haired tiger
tigress - a female tiger
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Behavioural correlates of predation by tiger (Panthera tigris), leopard (Panthera pardus) and dhole (Cuon alpinus) in Nagarahole, India.
The Indochinese tiger Panthera tigris corbettii and the dhole Cuon alpinus were said to be occasionally present, but only during the rainy season (Ngampongsai C., ex verbis).
In the Felidae family, left dominance was observed in twenty wild cats (possibly Felis silvestris (Schreber, 1777)) (Hadziselimovic et al.); in one Panthera leo (Linnaeus, 1758) (Marques); and in one Panthera tigris (Linnaeus, 1758) (Perez & Lima).
Study was conducted on breeding and mortality of Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris Linnaeus 1758).
Spatial viability analysis of Amur tiger Panthera tigris altaica in the Russian Far East: the role of protected areas and landscape matrix in population persistence.--J.
With sales of box cereal on the wane, Frosted Flakes has never needed its famous Panthera tigris friend more than now.
The tiger (Panthera tigris Linnaeus 1758) the largest felid species and a widely recognized symbol of wildlife conservation is one of the world's most endangered species (Cho et al.
A fifteen year old Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) with symptoms of wound on inter digital space of right hind leg.
In Asia, the leopard and the tiger Panthera tigris (27 articles, each), the giant panda (13 articles), the European mink Mustela lutreola (11), and the Owston's palm civet Chrotogale owstoni (10) were the most studied out of a total of 83 registered species.