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No stranger to treading the boards, he has regularly appeared as a pantomime dame in local productions but accepted an invitation to take part in the musical which will set sail at Middlesbrough Theatre in April.
THEATRE Mother Goose An evening of love interest, villains and, of course, a pantomime dame as the Burjesta Theatre puts on its first panto since opening with Mother Goose.
The comedian, actor, radio personality, pantomime dame, charity worker and newspaper columnist, to name a few of his roles, had been celebrating his 90th for a whole week by the time his celebrations came to an end at the weekend.
Labour is rapidly becoming a pantomime dame and will never be elected again unless a precise political and economic vision is constructed and communicated to the electorate.
Dave Burn, who played villain El Loco, and Robbie Nixon, the pantomime Dame, were highly commended for their performances, while principal boy Bethany Marshall was nominated for best overall actress.
Angus Lennie as Shughie McFee in Crossroads, with motel chef Carlos, in The Great Escape and with Stanley Baxter as a pantomime dame |
There is Nothing Like a Dame: The History of the Pantomime Dame, BBC Four, Thursday, 9pm| ONE day last January it seemed like business as usual at York's Theatre Royal, except that local legendary dame, Berwick Kaler had a rather unlikely pupil, Michael Grade.
What wobbly little skater from Emmerdale could be as instantly recognisable as pantomime dame Jason?
To which Mr Osborne shot back: "At least I'm not the pantomime dame.
Mr Osborne replied: "At least I'm not the pantomime dame.
It would be nice to see David Moyes shifting uneasily in the dugout in an overly-tight codpiece or a Christopher Biggins-style pantomime dame outfit.
Anyone who Imagines the art of the pantomime dame Is endangered has obviously not seen Hockley, In a range of sculpted technicol-our outfits, bestriding the stage to ad-lib banter with cast and audience members alike.