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A proton pump inhibitor drug, C16H15F2N3O4S, used in the form of its sodium salt to treat esophagitis caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease and other disorders associated with excess gastric acid secretion.

[panto-, origin unknown + -prazole, antiulcer drug suff.; see omeprazole.]
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n pantoprazol m
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The plain chest radiography with a water soluble contrast swallow did not revealed any pathological lesions and PPI therapy (Pantoprazol 2x20mg/day, 12 weeks) in combination with six food elimination diet (milk products, eggs, wheat, soy, peanut/tree nuts, and fish/shellfish) was administered.
Se establecieron los criterios para una gastroproteccion adecuada: omeprazol (20 mg/ dia), pantoprazol (20 mg/ dia) o esomeprazol (20 mg/ dia).
Los IBP usados fueron omeprazol, lanzoprazol, pantoprazol y esomeprazol.
He had presented to another institution with episode of gastrointestinal bleeding 30 years ago, and he had been using Clopidogrel, metoprolole, pantoprazol, atorvastatin, and acetylsalicylic acid before the presentation.
Dentro de los IBP, el mas utilizado es omeprazol, pero tambien lansoprazol, pantoprazol [110], rabeprazol [114-116] y esomeprazol [117-119] han mostrado ser eficaces, pero sus costos son superiores al omeprazol.