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07 Which of the following is not an option for a patient wanting budget PPLs selecting a frame with a pantoscopic tilt of 3[degrees]that cannot be adjusted?
Following a US Government paper that indicated how prescription eyewear with acute face form angles (> 12[degrees]) and pantoscopic tilts with measured angles (> 18[degrees]) could induce distortion, headaches and dizziness, Wiley Talon demonstrated that it was able to meet the new stringent requirements thanks to its shield with near vertical pantoscopic tilt.
Features include Infield Softflex sides frame technology, which when combined with the in-built adjustable side length and adjustable pantoscopic angle of tilt, help to provide, according to the company, a perfect fit.
For chemical splash protection, the RXG1 features indirect ventilation, made to fit over prescription eyewear and in a pantoscopic design to assists bifocal wearers.
The company's first issued patent has broad coverage and addresses the combination of wavefront measurements with obtaining biometric parameters necessary to make customized eyeglasses, such as the measurement of a patient's pupil size, pupil distance, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and other fitting parameters.
Children have flatter faces and longer eyelashes and required pantoscopic tilt is typically zero degrees, compared to adults who generally vary between 8-12[degrees]; therefore, care must be taken to ensure the lower rim of the frame does not rest against the cheeks.
It is usual for the younger child to have a higher cheek position and, therefore, the dispenser needs to pay attention to the pantoscopic tilt, angle of side and depth of the frame to ensure a suitable fit.
Of course, snooker players often choose the custom-designed high fitting frames with adjustable pantoscopic tilt made popular by Dennis Taylor.
Measurements, such as monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, back vertex distance and wrap, are all captured in a fast way.
With regard to the sides, it is necessary to consider the pantoscopic tilt, side length, length of drop, temple and head width.
The angle of pantoscopic tilt will often be lower on a child's frame and this should also be considered when specifying vertical centres.
There are many distortions of this classic pantoscopic round oval shape, but Black Eyewear's design is faithful to this balanced geometric shape which embraces the natural face shape.