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 (păn-trŏp′ĭk, -trō′pĭk)
Having an affinity for or indiscriminately affecting many kinds of tissue: pantropic viruses.


(pænˈtrɒpɪk) or


1. (Environmental Science) ecology found throughout the tropical regions
2. (Pathology) pathol infecting many types of tissue
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Adj.1.pantropic - distributed throughout the tropics
equatorial - of or existing at or near the geographic equator; "equatorial Africa"
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I will (1) assess long-term multidimensional resilience by expanding a unique neotropical network of 60 sites to the pantropics, (2) analyse the role of the landscape on forest recovery by doing a natural experiment along forest cover gradients, (3) understand how different kinds of diversity affect succession and ecosystem functioning through a biodiversity removal experiment.impact- this study addresses key questions in ecology and advances our understanding how human-driven climate change, landscape degradation, and biodiversity loss affect forest resilience and succession.
For instance, an extract from the Pacific yew is a potent treatment for ovarian and breast cancers; digitalis from foxglove treats heart ailments; and wild yams of the pantropics have yielded anti-inflammatory chemicals.
Terminalia catappa is a common naturalized tree species of the pantropics. Its abundance at Punta Marenco on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica inspired this study to determine the effects of abiotic conditions on Terminalia distribution.