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(ˈpɑ nəˌkoʊ, -nu-)

a river in E central Mexico, flowing E to the Gulf of Mexico. ab. 315 mi. (505 km) long.
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Uno fisico: naufragos en tierras desconocidas, sin posibilidades de tomar un barco que los lleve de regreso, comienzan los sobrevivientes una larga peregrinacion en busca del Panuco, con la clara intencion de escapar de aquellas hostiles condiciones.
It occurs mainly in two river drainages: the Tamesi River and the Panuco River.
It forms part of the hydrological regions of the Lerma-Santiago and El Balsas, and a small portion of that of the Panuco.
A US-based wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd (Keppel O&M), Keppel AmFELS LLC, has announced winning a contract from Central Panuco S.
Dozens of homes in Tampico, one of the main Gulf ports north of Veracruz, were waterlogged when the Panuco River burst its banks, forcing evacuations.
Schlumberger Production Management continued to ramp-up operations on the Shushufindi project in Ecuador and the Carrizo field in Mexico, and we started mobilizing for the Panuco project, also in Mexico.
45) (east coast) 17 panuco Cortes 1524 mataron Garay (killed Garay) 18 CULUA C2 C2: (p.
Maria Sanchez Hernandez and her daughters, Karla, 19, and Cristina, 13, were among seven passengers slain last week when a gang of gunman boarded three buses traveling between the towns of Tempoal and Panuco.
If the SMO is divided into three sections, it is separated by two geographical features: the Panuco basin, which is a natural barrier that divides the southern part from the central section, and a second feature, which is comprised of the Saltillo-Monterrey mountain system, consisting of faults and deformations located between the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila, which divide the central part from the northern section (Gonzalez-Zamora et al.
In the latest carnage, a 12-hour battle between troops and gunmen left seven dead in the eastern town of Panuco.
In the latest violence, a 12-hour battle left a soldier and six attackers dead in the eastern town of Panuco.