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(ˈpɑ nəˌkoʊ, -nu-)

a river in E central Mexico, flowing E to the Gulf of Mexico. ab. 315 mi. (505 km) long.
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A similar situation, with large floods, was described by Hudson & Colditz (2003) in the Panuco River (Gulf of Mexico), as a consequence of hurricane Gert (September 14-21, 1993), which also affected the study area; arriving there as tropical depression, after it crossed Mexico east to west.
Helminth communities of Xiphophorus (Pisces: Poecilidae), endemic fresh water fish from the Panuco River, Hidalgo, Mexico.
It occurs mainly in two river drainages: the Tamesi River and the Panuco River.
Three quarters of patients were residents of areas neighboring El Tecoluco and El Chinguinoso streams flowing into the Panuco River.
Dozens of homes in Tampico, one of the main Gulf ports north of Veracruz, were waterlogged when the Panuco River burst its banks, forcing evacuations.