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(ˈpɑ nəˌkoʊ, -nu-)

a river in E central Mexico, flowing E to the Gulf of Mexico. ab. 315 mi. (505 km) long.
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It occurs mainly in two river drainages: the Tamesi River and the Panuco River.
Dozens of homes in Tampico, one of the main Gulf ports north of Veracruz, were waterlogged when the Panuco River burst its banks, forcing evacuations.
Two generalized tracks are located in the northern part of the Sierra, including the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, but one of them crosses the Panuco river basin towards the Sierra Gorda area in the state of Queretaro.
Most of it empties into the state of Hidalgo, while some heads to the Gulf of Mexico by way of the Panuco River.
The area includes the cities of Tampico, Ciudad Madero and Altamira, which lie in the Panuco River Basin, and has a total population of approximately 1 million.