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(ˈpæn zə; Sp. ˈpɑn θɑ, -sɑ)

Sancho, Sancho Panza.
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On these and the like promises Sancho Panza (for so the labourer was called) left wife and children, and engaged himself as esquire to his neighbour.
And now said Sancho Panza to his master, "Your worship will take care, Senor Knight-errant, not to forget about the island you have promised me, for be it ever so big I'll be equal to governing it.
In that case," said Sancho Panza, "if I should become a king by one of those miracles your worship speaks of, even Juana Gutierrez, my old woman, would come to be queen and my children infantes.
I doubt it," replied Sancho Panza, "because for my part I am persuaded that though God should shower down kingdoms upon earth, not one of them would fit the head of Mari Gutierrez.
The police recovered five sachets of suspected drugs from suspects Willie Mallari, Liezel Panza, and German and Lizza, both surnamed Rullan.
Como desglosa el tambien cineasta y amante de la opera, cualquier parecido de Sancho Panza con nuestro presente politico no es mera coincidencia: "Es una postura un tanto negativa de mi parte; pero yo asi soy, pesimista".
com) announced today that Luke Panza is partnering with GenOne to further develop their growing portfolio of national accounts and expand into Healthcare.
Continuations capitalize on Cervantes's second hero, Sancho Panza, who outlives don Quijote and usurps his protagonism.
Como se muestra, la pieza de Tawada se situa en la tradicion de reflexiones que empieza con la narrativa de Jorge Luis Borges "Pierre Menard, autor del Quijote" y continua en los textos de Franz Kafka y Walter Benjamin sobre Don Quijote y Sancho Panza.
Un cuarto de taza de estas diminutas legumbres esta repleta de 13 gramos de proteina, 11 gramos de fibra, que brinda una sensacion de saciedad y aplana la panza, y cinco miligramos de hierro que combate la fatiga, todo esto por solo 161 calorias.
com)-- New mobile game publishing startup Boomdash today announced the launch on the App Stores of free-to-play puzzle game Clover Charms, from indie game studio Panza Games.
Panza and Susan Horovitz Maurer will now be making an even more lasting mark on the university through a $1 million donation, creating an endowed scholarship fund for Shepard Broad College of Law students.