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 (păp′ə-gō′, pä′pə-)
n. pl. Papago or Pa·pa·gos
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(ˈpæp əˌgoʊ, ˈpɑ pə-)

n., pl. -gos, (esp. collectively) -go.
1. a member of an American Indian people of S Arizona and N Sonora in Mexico.
2. the Uto-Aztecan language shared by the Pima and Papago, esp. those forms of the language used by the Papago.
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Global Accident Recorder Market: Key players Key market players of the global accident recorders market include Delphi, Continental, Blackbox Guard, BlackVue, Garmin, Papago, Spy Tec, Thinkware, WickedHD, Valeo, Clarion, Eken, RoadHawk, Transcend, and Old Shark & KDLINKS.
Kim Jun-seok, the man behind the development of translation service Papago at Naver Labs, also moved to the AI-focused R and D center AIR Lab at the country's leading automaker Hyundai Motor Co.
Following last year's success, the school continued to hold an exhibition called "Uninag mihumisag -- Painting exhibition of Bunun students", which will take place at Papago International Resort on Dec.
The Papago TPMS 100 wireless monitor lets you know how your tires are doing at all times.
* Hosted the 5K Fun Walk to kick off Nurses Week at Papago Park with drawing for $100 cash card in May 2018
The next section of the book, focusing strongly on the Southwest region, contains a large quantity of postcards depicting the landscape, peoples, dances and ceremonies, daily life and architecture of the region, including representative examples of most tribes Yuma, Maricopa, Mojave, Havasupai, Walapai, Pima, Papago, the various Puebloan groups, as well as the Apache and Navajo.
Los Angeles, CA, July 05, 2018 --( Papago releases the new GoSafe S810 with a reliable two-channel dash camera giving you peace of mind.
A few miles north of Tempe is Papago Park, the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden.
AMERICAN John A Nicholson, of Chandler, Arizona, was walking in the Papago Indian Reservation when he saw it.
(STM), and a 77.5% interest in an application for the Papago 17 mineral concession from Ubaldo Trevizo Ledezma (Trevizo) of Choix, Sinaloa, the company said.
MX has acquired its 77.5% interest in the application for the Papago 17 concession in consideration for the payment of MXN 100,000 (CDN 6,700) (USD 5,360) and the issuance of 2m common shares of the company.