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Noun1.paper gold - reserve assets in the International Monetary Fundpaper gold - reserve assets in the International Monetary Fund; designed to supplement reserves of gold and convertible currencies used to maintain stability in the foreign exchange market
reserve assets - capital held back from investment in order to meet probable or possible demands
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But the SDR, sometimes called paper gold, is neither a currency nor a claim on the IMF, but an accounting tool that can be used to settle positions between IMF members.
Envelope small bag, kraft paper gold, weight 80 g / m2, dimensions 280 x 200 mm, coat state government of bahia to the right side.
The more physical gold that flows into Asia that isn't traded will stay as a permanent insulation to protect their capital for generations, making it harder for western capital markets to play the game of paper gold," he said.
Speaking at a panel discussion, industry players and analysts said despite the higher import duties introduced by India, a key market for physical gold and large scale liquidation of paper gold (ETFs) in the West, gold demand has strong support from People's Bank of China which is adding bullion as reserve and consumption demand from India.
Those who still have paper gold cards when the gates are switched on, will show them to a member of staff who will let them through.
Head of Research, Jan Skoyles, comments: "With recent tremors in the gold market, the increasingly obvious disparity between physical and paper gold, and recent rapid draining of COMEX inventories, where gold price discovery really happens is increasingly in the spotlight.
While the deposit scheme aims to mobilise idle household gold' estimated at more than 20'000 tonnes' the sovereign bond would allow consumers to invest in paper gold rather than physical gold.