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Cardboard; pasteboard.


a. a thick cardboard made of compressed layers of paper pulp; pasteboard
b. (as modifier): a paperboard box.


(ˈpeɪ pərˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. a thick, stiff cardboard composed of layers of paper or paper pulp compressed together; pasteboard.
2. of or made of paperboard.
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Noun1.paperboard - a cardboard suitable for making posterspaperboard - a cardboard suitable for making posters
cardboard, composition board - a stiff moderately thick paper
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Eagle Materials manufactures and distributes cement, gypsum wall board, recycled paper board, concrete and aggregates and oil and gas propellants from 40 facilities across the US.
Cut illustration board or any sturdy paper board to the desired size.
Jaco-Bryant is APO's largest vendor, which prints the company's special paper board and production files, which are then converted into paper 3D glasses, the buyer said, adding the the timing of the acquisition was strategic as it was completed ahead of the upcoming retirement of the target's president Sam Lencke.
1% decline in new orders in the textile industry and an 8% drop in the manufacturing of paper and paper board products.
The increased output in industrial paper will boost the company's output of paper and paper board to 1.
With almost 20 years of extensive experience, they produce paper board based containers and cups suitable for products like ice cream, dairy, confectionery and pet food, as well as for secondary packaging for a diverse range of products.
According to Diligent, the growing quantity of board materials and inefficiencies associated with producing paper board packs have persuaded increasing numbers of companies across Europe to order a shipment of iPads and transfer their board material online.
The Ambassadors Committee and Paper Board, also invitation-only events, will be May 30, while the Textile Board will convene May 31.
Linerboard and white paper board were up 20% in consumption and production.
Dumping allegations against Indonesia in India is in the market of coated paper and paper board, in Australia is in hot rolled steel plate market, Africa in gypsum plaster board, in the United States in polyethylene terephthalate market, in Argentina in filament fiber market in South Korea in wood free copy paper market, Malaysia in maleic unhydride and in the UE is in the market of in tube on pipe fitting of iron.
9% decline in domestic demand for paper and paper board for 2002.
Under developing countries per capita consumption, of paper and paper board was 163 KG recorded highest in Taiwan Province and lowest aa 1 KG in Vietnam.