Paper credit

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credit founded upon evidences of debt, such as promissory notes, duebills, etc.
- Forney.

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The Airports Authority is soliciting these proposals from banks to provide credit facilities in order to potentially extend/replace the existing commercial paper credit facility that expires in March 2017.
Pitt dons a quill in his hair indicating his literal involvement in "writing" paper credit (Gillray highlights the yet unresolved relationship between the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Bank of England).
Lindgren-Boyce and Star Rentals are presently in the midst of a massive sea change in their credit operations: segueing from a system of storing thousands of paper credit applications toward a secured electronic format.
The Catalonian fishing town of Vilanova i la Geltru has launched a similar experiment but with a paper credit card of sorts.
The chief monetary questions at issue at the time of the Hayek/Keynes exchange had largely been addressed by Henry Thornton in 1802 in his treatise on Paper Credit (Meltzer, 2003, pp.
Irish satirist Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) was among the first to point out the political implications of paper credit for the emerging imperial war machine, says Moore (English, U.
The channel that is used can simply be 'none' when the payer submits a paper credit transfer at the teller (ex 5), 'contact' when the payer enters a transfer at an ATM, telephone lines in the case of phone banking, and 'Internet' for online banking (ex 6).
You can order a paper credit report from Experian for just pounds 2, while its online Credit Expert service is available on a 30-day free trial, and pounds 6.
Achenbaum also claims that Greene sought information from her on two occasions in October 2007 for coverage related to Brown's hearing and eventual release, but said she would not give the Charlotte paper credit.
I know of one Fleet Street executive who, before the dependence on PA, insisted that his paper credit a disputed goal to West Ham's Paolo Di Canio, even though it was a clear own goal, because he'd stuck pounds 20 on the striker at 7-1.
A couple of weeks ago my wife and I decided to attack a year's worth of paper credit card receipts that do nothing but take up space.