Paper house

an audience composed of people who have come in on free passes.

See also: Paper

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
At once a paper soldier in a Captain's uniform came out of a paper house near by and approached the group at the entrance.
And I was part of it, a chesty sea- rover along with all these other chesty sea-rovers among the paper houses of Japan.
The Spanish series, originally entitled La Casa de Papel in Spain ("The Paper House" in English), originally focused on a huge heist on the Royal Mint but now has taken renewed focus in recent seasons as the gang found themselves dealing with the dangerous fallout of the heist.
Nor did it make as clever a use of space as architects James Davies and John Weir of Paper House Project did after they'd got their hands on it.
A paper house dangles on a thin wire (and hence doesn't fall) off the rim of a model, threatened by a straight line of gas fire.
These are the paired wonders of reading: the world creating power of books, and the reader's effortless absorption that allows the book's fragile world, all air and thought, to maintain itself for a while, a bamboo and paper house among earthquakes; within it readers acquire peace, become more powerful, feel braver and wiser in ways of the world.
Even the short-as-a-breath "Paper House" is decapitated with the turn of a page.
Talking Friends Paper House Productions Magnets, stickers,
While Graeme's conflicts are of an ethical nature, the heroine in The Paper House faces issues that have an impact on her very survival.
He said that Saeed Fathallah, who raised the lawsuit, had identified himself in the prosecution's investigations as the owner of Paper House for trade proxies and then denied it in front of the court, saying that the company is owned by his son and so the basis of the case is false.