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(Placename) an ancient country and Roman province in N Asia Minor, on the Black Sea


(ˌpæf ləˈgoʊ ni ə, -ˈgoʊn yə)

an ancient country and Roman province in N Asia Minor, on the S coast of the Black Sea.
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She went to the cabinet of maps and unrolled one: this morning she might make herself finally sure that Paphlagonia was not on the Levantine coast, and fix her total darkness about the Chalybes firmly on the shores of the Euxine.
The King of Paphlagonia explains how he was tricked by his bastard son into believing his legitimate son a traitor, and how he reacted: "I gave order to some servants of mine .
Roger Matthews considers the Devrez River valley in Paphlagonia, an area in which and south of which surveys have found Hittite settlement.
Antik cagda Paphlagonia olarak bilinen, bugunku Bati Karadeniz'de Milet yerleckesi olarak yer alan Sinop'un bilinen en eski adi Sinope'dir (Karagoz, 2003).
became procurator of the adjacent Galatia and Paphlagonia.
First he sent an army under his cousin Andronicus to regain control of Paphlagonia (in what is now northern Turkey, on the Black Sea), while he raised an enormous imperial force, swelled by mercenary troops from Europe and Asia, and weighed down by a vast array of siege engines.
Nos llamo la atencion la similitud entre el nombre de este instrumento musical Paflagonia con los toponimos Patagonia y Paphlagonia (del griego [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]); este ultimo denominado en su forma castellana Paflagonia (109), al igual que el instrumento musical.
Varnja karikakujulise anuma kupa pohjale loodud neli templit (joon 4, 5) tuleks dateerida Anastasius I valitsemisajaga, kusjuures uhe templi monogramm voib kuuluda Paphlagonia Johannesele, kes oli aastal 498 comes sacrarum largitionum, s.
This is the final volume published in connection with Project Paphlagonia, a fieldwork program conducted in north-central Turkey between 1997 and 2001.
Among his books are Through Paphlagonia with a Donkey: an Adventure in the Turkish Isfendvars, Who Really_Invented the Automobile?
He used to order the cities of Pontus and Paphlagonia to send him choirboys for a three-year period, to serve him by singing hymns to the god.
nacio en Paphlagonia y paso casi toda su vida en Constantinopla donde