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 (păp′ə-lŏn′, pä′pē-yôN′)
A dog of a toy spaniel breed developed in Europe, having a long silky coat, a bushy tail that curves over the back, and large ears shaped like the wings of a butterfly.

[French, from Old French, butterfly, from Latin pāpiliō, pāpiliōn-; see pavilion.]


(Breeds) a breed of toy spaniel with large ears
[French: butterfly, from Latin pāpiliō]


(ˈpæp əˌlɒn; Fr. pa piˈyɔ̃)

n., pl. -lons (-ˌlɒn; Fr. -ˈyɔ̃)
one of a breed of toy spaniels having a long, silky coat and large, erect ears held so that they resemble the wings of a butterfly.
[1905–10; < French: butterfly < Latin pāpiliōn- (s. of pāpiliō)]
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Noun1.papillon - small slender toy spaniel with erect ears and a black-spotted brown to white coatpapillon - small slender toy spaniel with erect ears and a black-spotted brown to white coat
toy spaniel - a very small spaniel
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There were jaunty young Cambridge-men travelling with their tutor, and going for a reading excursion to Nonnenwerth or Konigswinter; there were Irish gentlemen, with the most dashing whiskers and jewellery, talking about horses incessantly, and prodigiously polite to the young ladies on board, whom, on the contrary, the Cambridge lads and their pale-faced tutor avoided with maiden coyness; there were old Pall Mall loungers bound for Ems and Wiesbaden and a course of waters to clear off the dinners of the season, and a little roulette and trente-et-quarante to keep the excitement going; there was old Methuselah, who had married his young wife, with Captain Papillon of the Guards holding her parasol and guide-books; there was young May who was carrying off his bride on a pleasure tour (Mrs.
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Q The younger of my two Papillons seems to want to herd me around the house.