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Any of a group of DNA viruses of the family Papillomavirus that can cause warts and certain types of cancer in mammals.


(Biology) any of numerous viruses that cause the formation of papillomas


(ˌpæp əˈloʊ məˌvaɪ rəs)

n., pl. -rus•es.
a type of papovavirus, containing circular DNA, that causes papillomas, including genital warts.


n virus m del papiloma papilomavirus m; human — (HPV) virus m del papiloma humano (VPH), papilomavirus humano (PVH)
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GARDASIL is the only human papilomavirus (HPV) vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV.
ay) MCV-4 Tek doz MCV-4 (alternatif MPS-4) (veya MPS-4) Kisaltmalar: HBV; hepatit B asisi, dabT; eriskin tip difteri-eriskin tip aseluler bogmaca-tetanoz asisi, IPV/OPV; inaktif polyovirus asisi/oral polyovirus asisi, KKK; kzamik-kizamikcik-kabakulak asisi, HAV; hepatit A asisi, HPV; insan (human) papilomavirus asisi, MCV-4; 4 bilesenli konjuge meningokok asisi, MPV-4; 4 bilesenli polisakkarit meningokok asisi.
Similarly, about 10 percent of women ages 18 to 26 have benefited from the new human papilomavirus vaccine against cervical cancer, and immunization rates among elderly people against influenza and pneumococcal disease are well below national objectives.