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Noun1.Papio - baboonsPapio - baboons        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cercopithecidae, family Cercopithecidae - Old World monkeys: guenon; baboon; colobus monkey; langur; macaque; mandrill; mangabey; patas; proboscis monkey
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Herpesvirus papio 2, an SA8-like alpha-herpesvirus of baboons.
Papio shows how mythology, or fabulae, could serve as figurae in such works as the Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine and Genealogie deorum gentilium, and thereby reveal Boccaccio's scholarly inclination to identify those aspects of ancient philosophy that might be declared consonant with Christian doctrine.
According to the complex topography hypothesis, hominins were actively adapting to rough terrain and would have shown a strong preference for it, while Papio baboons living on more open, smoother landscapes would have been driven along a separate evolutionary trajectory.
the dental microwear features of the extant Papio ursinus (n=5) were also observed and recorded.
Additionally, two extant taxa, Lophocebus and Papio, were chosen for more detailed analyses, as these are considered to be the groups most similar in size and phylogeny to the South African fossil species to be predicted.
Three more taxa [Sus scrofa (pig) GeneID: 407066, Ovis aries (sheep) GeneID: 100049064 and Papio anubis (Baboon) GeneID: 100137310] were also included for phylogenetic analysis of variants, as the [beta]-globin gene was found orthologous in these taxa.
We enjoyed fishing ulua [jack fish], papio, and 'owama [goatfish], and sometimes we would catch fish that weighed 20 to 45 pounds.
In this role, Ziemann will oversee all winemaking activities at the winery, which is located in California's Lodi region, and guide the winemaking direction for the Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Papio wines.
The authors note that "the two Pan species and the Papio baboons are significantly overrepresented in records of deception.
Nine California wines are designated as Rising Stars: BV Century Cellars (Diageo Chateau & Estates) sold just under 400,000 cases in its first year on the market; the varietal bag-in-box wines Black Box (Pacific Wine Partners) also had an impressive 2004, with sales of 216,000 cases; Papio (Robert Mondavi), with bongo-thumping and horn-blowing monkeys on the label, hit 194,000 cases; Frei Brothers (E&J Gallo) reached 150,000 cases, while Wild Horse (Peak Wines) reached 133,000 cases; the low-carb wines One.
Deutsch & Sons 225 1,200 4,300 Bella Sera E & J Gallo Winery 550 1,300 1,400 Black Swan E & J Gallo Winery -- 25 1,000 BV Century Cellars Diageo Chateau & Estates -- -- -- Little Penguin Southcorp Wines USA -- -- -- Black Box Pacific Wine Partners/ Constellation -- -- 4 Papio Robert Mondavi Winery -- -- 32 Stimson Estate Cellers Ste.
0% (p) Preliminary (++) Greater than 100% RISING STARS Brands less than five full years of age that have exhibited substantial growth over the past few years WINES (thousands of 9-liter cases) Brand Supplier 2001 2002 Yellow Tail WJ Deutsch & Sons 225 1,200 Bella Sera E & J Gallo Winery 550 1,300 Black Swan E & J Gallo Winery -- 25 BV Century Cellars Diageo Chateau & Estates -- -- Little Penguin Southcorp Wines USA -- -- Black Box Pacific Wine -- -- Partners/Constellation Papio Robert Mondavi Winery -- -- Stimson Estate Cellers Ste.