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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

A country of the southwest Pacific Ocean comprising the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, the Bismarck Archipelago, the western Solomons, and adjacent islands. Inhabited by a variety of Papuan and Melanesian peoples, the territory was visited by early Spanish and Portuguese explorers, though European settlement did not begin until the establishment of German and British protectorates in 1884. Australia assumed control of the British sector in 1905 and took over the German sector during World War I. The country became self-governing in 1973 and fully independent in 1975. Port Moresby, on New Guinea, is the capital.

Pap′u·a New Guin′e·an adj. & n.
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Papua New Guinean

A. ADJde Papúa Nueva Guinea, papú
B. Npapú mf
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A Papua New Guinean company will be contracted to provide services in the interim and some of the facilities will become an education centre, the ministry added.
Air Niugini (PX, Port Moresby) is planning to develop Port Moresby into a sizeable maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) hub for third-party customers, CEO Alan Milne told the Papua New Guinean press.
'To a large extent, Pacific Islands Forum countries have been excluded from the sorts of financing, technology and infrastructure that can enable us to fully engaged in a globalised world,' ABC News quotes the Papua New Guinean diplomat.
The mercurial leader, who has a well-known disdain for stiff diplomatic gatherings, was a no-show on Saturday night, sending his trade secretary instead to pose with heads of state donning bright yellow and red Papua New Guinean shirts.
The camp in Nauru is home to women, children and families, while the one on the Papua New Guinean island of Manus houses only single men.
So I think the priority of what we are doing cannot be understated.aThe New Zealand foreign minister, Winston Peters, said his country would make a one-off donation of NZ$500,000 towards the relief effort, and a RNZAF C130 Hercules aircraft carrying emergency relief supplies would depart for Port Moresby on today.aThe rugged terrain and loss of communications in the area impacted means it is taking time to build a complete picture of the damage but we know that tens of thousands of people are reported as requiring humanitarian assistance,a Peters said.aNew Zealand is working with Papua New Guinean authorities, the United Nations, donors and aid agencies on the ground to identify how New Zealand can best assist.a
Peter, who has been Papua New Guinean Ambassador since six year ago, stated that until now there is no Papua New Guinean students study in Indonesia.
WIDNES VIKINGS' Papua New Guinean brothers, Wellington and Stanton Albert, will miss the opening of the new season as they await visa clearance.
Summary: Detainees say Iranian forced to wait more than four hours for Papua New Guinean authorities to take him to hospital
'Asian Tribune; learnt that Papua New Guinean Authorities are arranging the repatriation of the body to Sri Lanka.
This article discusses the project to record interviews with Papua New Guineans about their experiences of the Pacific War between 1942 and 1945, which was very much a critical juncture in the course of Papua New Guinean history.
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