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Noun1.Papuan language - any of the indigenous languages spoken in Papua New Guinea or New Britain or the Solomon Islands that are not Malayo-Polynesian languagesPapuan language - any of the indigenous languages spoken in Papua New Guinea or New Britain or the Solomon Islands that are not Malayo-Polynesian languages
natural language, tongue - a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language
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It belongs to the small Baining language family, she says, and is among the geographically defined East Papuan languages. Drawing on a large corpus of elicited and natural data, she provides a detailed account of the structure of the language, and places in the context of the language family, area languages, and sociolinguistic use.
While many of the Oceanic material culture elements in Cape York Peninsula (CYP) and Torres Strait (TS) result from diffusion via speakers of Trans-Fly Papuan languages adjacent to the Strait, I show here that there has to have also been direct contact with Austronesian speakers, the material culture and linguistic signature of which is the Austronesian canoes and loan words of the CYP-TS region.
Antoinette Schapper (ed.) The Papuan Languages of Timor, Alor and Pantar.
Savosavo is the easternmost of the four Papuan languages spoken in the Solomon Islands in the Southwest Pacific, says Wegener (linguistics, U.
The TAP family consists of approximately thirty Papuan languages spread across the islands of Timor, Alor and Pantar in south-east Indonesia and East Timor.
While Papuan languages are geographically restricted, Austronesian languages are found as far away as Madagascar, Formosa, Easter Island and Hawai'i.
On a recent list of more than 800 Papuan languages, "Alfuro" is absent.
What do we really know about serial verb constructions in Austronesian and Papuan languages? In Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages, Isabelle Bill and Francoise Ozanne-Rivierre (eds.), 49-64.
(63) For this reason, one conventional view of the existing pockets of putative TNGP languages in areas of the eastern Indonesian archipelago, is that they represent remnant populations of a western expansion of Papuan languages that predated Austronesian intervention.
When independence from Australia was granted in 1975, the distinct cultures of one of the world's most diverse regions--there are more than 700 Papuan languages (20 per cent of the world's total) in more than 60 language families--were wilfully cobbled together to constitute the political convenience known as PNG.
Awar, like many Papuan languages, has an SOV order: Mo kan vasat You tree saw S O V
He is the author of over 300 publications concerning the linguistics of the Pacific and Asia, including: Languages of Australia and Tasmania; Papuan Languages of Oceania; Language Atlas of the Pacific Area; Language Atlas of China; (with P Muhlhausler and D.