Parade rest

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a position of rest for soldiers, in which, however, they are required to be silent and motionless.
- Wilhelm.

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Midway up the slope between the bridge and fort were the spectators -- a single company of infantry in line, at "parade rest," the butts of their rifles on the ground, the barrels inclining slightly backward against the right shoulder, the hands crossed upon the stock.
I also respectfully suggest that the President restrain state forces from conducting more attacks and to keep them in 'parade rest' as they keep a nationalist mindset and orientation, as true servants of the Filipino people.
She noted that they had been dutifully standing at parade rest, eyes fixed forward.
Topped by the statue of a soldier at parade rest, and dedicated in 1904, the Maine monument is intended to honor the soldiers from Maine who were held at Andersonville as well as those who perished there.
During the ceremony, the historic semaphore flag signaling system relayed silent commands from the adjutant and commander of the troops to present arms, order arms, and parade rest on Barton Field.
When I pulled them off the train they all went off in formation and stood at parade rest waiting for the marines to pick us up to take us to the boot camp.
1st Class Sumalee Bustamante, a former drill sergeant and a military police officer with 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, corrects the hand position of a female Iraqi Police recruit at "parade rest" during the first day of training at the Kirkuk Police Academy, Aug.
Chu moves down the row of boys, who learned early on that "parade rest" means standing tall with hands clasped behind their backs while he murmurs a few words to each and pops a crack seed into each waiting mouth.
I remember standing at parade rest and saying "Yes, sergeant" and "No, sergeant." Maybe that's what we used to say.
A stone-faced Zayas moved to the starboard side of the ship and stayed there, hands clasped behind his back at parade rest. When the ship passed the site of the World Trade Center attack he rendered a hand salute with everyone else.
The inmates must maintain a high level of discipline--standing at parade rest, not speaking until spoken to, keeping sleeping areas uniform with their scratchy green blankets tightly tucked; and aligning shoes just so.