Paradise flycatcher

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(Zool.) any flycatcher of the genus Terpsiphone, having the middle tail feathers extremely elongated. The adult male of Terpsiphone paradisi is white, with the head glossy dark green, and crested.

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I clocked up a Great Sparrowhawk all big and dark above and pale below, and a flamboyantly chestnut male Paradise Flycatcher with its improbably elongated tail ribbons.
Two of the discovered speciesthe Asian paradise flycatcher and the Black bulbulwere a first in the Philippines.
The park is host to an amazing array of flora and fauna; its many species of birds and animals include the stunning Asian paradise flycatcher, the Asian rhinoceros, and the Bengal tiger.
The vagrant list is astounding, with recent firsts including great stone curlew, Asian paradise flycatcher, black-naped oriole, Radde's accentor and even white-rumped sandpiper.
We were in Saudi Arabia on a previous shoot, looking to film the paradise flycatcher, a rather beautiful bird that flies over from Africa.
Among the birds found in the mountain forests are African paradise flycatcher, Shining Sunbird, African Rock Bunting, Hume's Tawny Oel, Yellow-bellied Green Pigeon, African Scops and Verraux Eagle breed.