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Any of various small slender parrots, usually having long tapering tails and often kept as pets.

[From Middle French perroquet, probably originally a pet name for persons called Pierre, Peter, from Old French, from Latin Petrus.]


(ˈpærəˌkiːt) or


(Animals) any of numerous small usually brightly coloured long-tailed parrots, such as Psittacula krameri (ring-necked parakeet), of Africa
[C16: from Spanish periquito and Old French paroquet parrot, of uncertain origin]


(ˈpær əˌkit)

any of various small parrots having a long, graduated tail, as the budgerigar and New World parrots of the genus Aratinga and allied genera.
[1575–85; < Middle French paroquet, appar. orig. a diminutive of P(i)errot, diminutive of Pierre Peter, as a name for a parrot]
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Noun1.parakeet - any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrotsparakeet - any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
parrot - usually brightly colored zygodactyl tropical birds with short hooked beaks and the ability to mimic sounds
Carolina parakeet, Conuropsis carolinensis - extinct parakeet whose range extended far into the United States
budgereegah, budgerigar, budgerygah, budgie, grass parakeet, lovebird, Melopsittacus undulatus, shell parakeet - small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors


[ˈpærəkiːt] Nperico m, periquito m


parrakeet [ˈpærəkiːt] nperruche f


nSittich m


[ˈpærəkiːt] nparrocchetto
References in classic literature ?
By this time the sun was driving broad golden spokes through the lower branches of the mango-trees; the parakeets and doves were coming.
A band of braided grasses about her brow held in place a few gaudy feathers from the parakeet, while other bits of grass were fashioned into imitations of arm and leg ornaments of metal.
Ariel Rica, DENR regional chief law enforcement officer, told Manila Bulletin Black Palm Cockatoo from Malaysia and Indonesia and other talking birds such as mynas, macaw, and parakeets, and snakes are among the endangered animals that are smuggled in and sold in the city's markets.
The favourite food of ringnecked parakeets is fruit, but they will also take peanuts and seeds.
They can learn to whistle and mimic a few words and are believed by some experts to have been the first parakeets to make it to Europe.
Parakeets are flying high with a 1,455% rise in two decades.
Summary: West Bengal [India], August 27 (ANI): The Border Security Force (BSF) on Sunday seized 43 Australian turquoise parakeets worth Rs 14.
Three years ago ring-necked parakeets, from Asia, were added to the Northumberland county list of birds because of the number of sightings.
I was admiring my sunflowers, the last of the season's flowers before the big summer burn, when a couple of gorgeous green parakeets swooped swiftly down, grabbing my precious sunflower hearts in their beaks and settling on low branches in the nearest tree.
Mitochondrial DNA of 24 unrelated Pakistani wild Ring-rose Parakeets was isolated and utilized for amplification and DNA sequencing of Cytb gene.
Parakeets are native to much warmer places than the UK including Australia, South America and Central America so being out in the October weather had taken its toll.
It was also decided that breeding farms of parrots and parakeets should be registered with CITIES Management Authority.