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Noun1.Parallel Lives - a collection of biographies of famous pairs of Greeks and Romans written by Plutarch; used by Shakespeare in writing some of his plays
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Sources: Plutarch, "Aratus," Parallel Lives. Walbank, F.
His topics include labor and name in the Petrie publications, acts of excision, discovery names and object biographies, faces and names, and parallel lives in the archaeology of Egypt.
They were blamed on segregation of white and Asian residents living 'parallel lives'.
But the truth is the vast majority of British Muslims have no interest in living parallel lives where they are shut off from the rest of society.
Much as I'd like to claim so, Birmingham is not so much a city of integrated communities as one in which we live parallel lives. I'm speaking personally here, but I confess to knowing little about the lives and stories of many of the communities now settled in this city - Somali and Kurd, Chinese and Croatian.
"Children live totally parallel lives. You start off with separate school, then you end up with separate health centres, you end up with separate supermarkets," he said.
The most poignant testimony to the weight of these parallel lives came from a fan who wrote: "You play your roles so well--just like real life."
The form of Parallel Lives was new, not closely linked with either previous biography or Hellenistic history.
Plutarch, "Pyrrhus," Parallel Lives. Polybius, History.
He examines how this particular work functions within the larger moral project of Plutarch's Parallel Lives, and casts light on the compositional and narrative techniques, distinguishing between the narrative text and the underlying story.
Love Soup focuses on the parallel lives of a perfectly-matched couple who have yet to meet one another.

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