Parallel columns

(Printing) two or more passages of reading matter printed side by side, for the purpose of emphasizing the similarity or discrepancy between them.

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These notes were published in parallel columns in The Boston Advertiser, October 19, 1876, and proved beyond question that the telephone was now a practical success.
Note in four parallel columns, two for the romantic action and two for the others together, the events in the story which respectively are and are not presented on the stage.
It was a very simple-hearted fraud, and it was all done with an innocent trust in the popular ignorance which now seems to me a little pathetic; but it was certainly very barefaced, and merited the public punishment which the discoverer inflicted by means of what journalists call the deadly parallel column.
In each, the words SELF and PORTRAIT sat atop parallel columns of synonyms, with EGO beside PORTRAYAL, ONESELF beside HEAD, and so on, a sequence that yielded nonsensical yet evocative phrases such as ONENESS DELINEATION and SPIRIT MIRROR.
Delivery of a two-dimensional HPLC system that provides the ability to run two parallel columns with different eluents either the complete passage of the first column automatically to the second Column is given or only selected peaks on the 2nd Column access.
English translations of the two texts are presented in parallel columns with marginal notes.
The volume presents, successively rather than in parallel columns, the 1549, 1559, and 1662 editions of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, freshly revised from original texts.
With a few exceptions, Israeli scholars adhere to the classic model of the "diplomatic edition," a transcription of one manuscript as the "base text" and the recording of variants from other textual witnesses in the apparatus criticus; German scholars, on the other hand, have largely embraced the "synoptic edition," whereby all, or at least representative versions, of the text are offered in their entirety, arranged in parallel columns (thus the term "synopsis") or in sequence.
We encourage readers to examine these records online, organized in parallel columns by month, specifying the name, age and cause of death of each victim.
Its rapid-fire format of questions and answers in parallel columns is quick but not deep, and was intended to be used in conjunction with more ponderous study guides.
The Haggadah's format, with parallel columns of Hebrew and English, made it easy to follow.
But to compare the different versions without paging about in the book the Hexapla set the versions side by side in parallel columns.