Parallel forces

(Mech.) forces which act in directions parallel to each other.

See also: Parallel

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It would also be interest to anyone who wonders the concepts like momentum possessed, whole body angular momentum, opposite parallel forces, superman position, parabolic flight path, joint/normal reaction force, etc.
The article argues that the death squads that emerged in Uruguay and elsewhere in Latin America in this era were parallel forces created and used by states as counterinsurgency tools.
Guests: Dillinja, Craggz and Parallel Forces (DJ set), and residents DK Kid and G-Mac
Craggz and Parallel Forces are otherwise known as Craig James, 30, from Gateshead, Doug McAvoy, 24, and Malcolm Sharp, 23, both from Newcastle.
A Night Of Substance tomorrow plays host to the genre clashing sounds of Asian Dub Foundation Sound System, DJ As-If (Fat City), Just Us, Elementz Of Noise, Parallel Forces, Reggae Warrior, Gumbo Ya Ya, Calculus and Spen.
They also included "eliminating the control of the National Congress over the security services, dismantling the security apparatus and the parallel forces of the army and the militias of the National Congress, reforming the economic institutions of the state and liberating them from the state's deep control, and abolishing all laws restricting freedoms."
The ruling, according to the human rights groups, is an opportunity for the government of south Sudan and other parties to the conflict to reconcile, embrace peace and work towards a more broader security sector reform; judiciary and justice reforms, unified and professional army; policy formulation, legal reforms especially the Penal Code and training of military, law enforcement agents and other parallel forces on sexual and gender based violence; human and women's rights, national duty and defense of the nation.
"We are outing these parallel forces and their henchmen!" read one entry, listing over 20 firms in the Stuttgart area, at least one of which denies such links.
Coupland's widely varying interests are driven by the parallel forces of rampant consumerism and collective dislocation in a digitally oversaturated world.
First one, an end to enforced disappearances, second discoveries of bullet-ridden bodies and the third one elimination of 'parallel forces' backed by the security establishment in Balochistan.
The government has failed to implement the reforms and amendments as security forces are not ready to allow any other force to interfere in their affairs in FATA, the participants maintained, adding that the there are many parallel forces operating in FATA because of Afghanistan and no one is ready to give room to other and ultimate sufferers are people of tribal areas.
Geographically blessed, Chicago also benefitted from the parallel forces of industrialization and urbanization and grew to become a rail hub in the center of the United States.

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