Parallel motion

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(Mach.) A jointed system of links, rods, or bars, by which the motion of a reciprocating piece, as a piston rod, may be guided, either approximately or exactly in a straight line
(Mus.) The ascending or descending of two or more parts at fixed intervals, as thirds or sixths.
- Rankine.

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And-in combination with her twice-weekly Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions--the parallel motion has helped her avoid overuse injuries.
Presented in five keyboard lessons using a 'big picture' approach that incorporates an "energetic relaxed body position," "Beginning Piano Artistry" focuses on exploring the dynamic range of the keyboard through guided improvisation, developing tactile awareness of the keyboard through 12 major five-finger patterns, 12 cadential patterns, five scales in contrary and parallel motion and analysis, and discovering the meaning and spirit of music.
We extended previous research by implementing zero-copy to reduce memory copy latencies between host memory and GPU memory; a dynamic parallel motion algorithm and a novel intraprediction mode.
Level 1 is particularly uniform, consisting almost exclusively of parallel motion at the octave, five-finger pattern melodies in the student part.
for domestic investors increasingly difficult to bring myself to actively buy, since the parallel motion "fear indexA' VIX and the dynamics of the U.S.
The action imparted to the material within the blender by the dissimilar parallel motion of the dual concentric augers operating at different speeds produces a gentle, homogeneous blend of the ingredients.
Justice James ruled similarly with regard to a parallel motion by OneBeacon, which also insured Alfa, finding that "OneBeacon shall provide Alfa with a full defense against those claims which fall primarily under its policies."
Other developments include the double-acting engine; compound engines, where two or more engines were connected together; and parallel motion, essential for double-acting engines, which was patented in 1784.
86), the prevalence of parallel motion as power chord moves to power chord need not be additional evidence of simplicity, but rather a practice linked to traditions as diverse as medieval vocal polyphony, the realization of a continuo bass line, or the "chord melodies" of Debussy and Stravinsky (p.
An atraumatic fenestrated tip allows for a solid, but gentle grasp while a parallel motion of the jaw helps prevent the "scissoring effect" by allowing the jaws to close parallel, allowing for even pressure from the top and bottom jaws.

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