Parallel rod

(Locomotive Eng.) a metal rod that connects the crank pins of two or more driving wheels; - called also couping rod, in distinction from the connecting rod. See Illust. of Locomotive, in App.

See also: Parallel

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Steering is a recirculating ball-type with a parallel rod steering linkage.
New weight-saving features include an aluminium upper arm and the removal of the robot's parallel rod. Together, these make the IRB 4600 suitable for use in confined areas or as part of multi-robot manufacturing cells, with installation possible in inverted, floor-mounted, tilted or shelf-mounted configurations.
The IRB 260's lightweight construction is optimised for speed and payload due to a combination of aluminium upper arm, four-axis design and parallel rod system.
It also involves linking Jumeirah with Al Khail Road and the Parallel Rods (First Al Khail Road and Al Asayel Road) through constructing two-level roads and bridges providing free traffic movement from Umm Al Sheef street in the direction of Al Wasl Street and Sheikh Zayed Road up to Latifa bint Hamdan Street.
The 2D infinite repetition of the unit cell contains then a lattice of parallel rods that enables propagation of TEM waves in the direction parallel to the rods.
Rods belonging to two consecutive layers are orthogonal, and parallel rods are half a period offset.
Finally, the magnetite particles grow along these organic fibers, yielding parallel rods within the mature teeth that make them so hard and tough.
Combining elastic, thin, curved elements and four horizontal bars, the work's emphasis is on the six billiard balls thickly tied to the parallel rods, which look like notes floating on a musical staff.
They came up with a structure consisting of layers of parallel rods separated by a certain distance, with rods in adjacent layers at right angles to each other (see illustration).