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a.1.Containing paralogism; illogical.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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She substituted the surrounding reality, profoundly unsatisfactory, for a paralogical world full of anxiety.
In this somewhat paralogical framing, I adhere to the idea that professionals--be they psychiatrists, psychologists or psychotherapists --can immediately buffer the emotional haemorrhage, but this requires time and a great deal of mending for the scars of this inner combustion which frequently takes much longer to defuse after the exterior healing.
Reclaiming language against conformity and consensus, "paralogical inquiry" is "a rhetoric of 'struggle' and 'conflict' against the massive and repressive Order of the Kantian vision of the university--a guerrilla war of the marginals" (41).
Dense crossings of paralogical sign systems; anachronistic, constantly sliding stylistic modes; and an absolute directness in execution tend to flip out even critical minds that have developed careful procedures for explaining pictures.
An insightful connection between the paralogical and what E.T.Kirby refers to as 'pseudo shamanism', is the 'basket trick', as enacted on the European stage.
At best, the resolutions--commonly interpreted as Roy's compassion and Rachael's love--function as undecidable, the Socratic aporia brought to its logical (or paralogical) extreme in postmodern art.
To this extent, the railway metaphor in its political dimension could be described as paralogical. It has proved a useful and sometimes moving instrument for conveying wishful ideological thinking, for persuasion and encouragement.
This impossible non/economy of gift affirms the illogical and paralogical nature of God's kingdom and indicates that the logic of the kingdom is a logic of pathos, "a logic touched by a bit of madness, a pathologic, let us say, that is, however, healing and salvific." (15) Jesus' pathology of the kingdom reveals that God ultimately desires an alteration of the heart, a new cardiology through which the heart is softened and opened to both God's appeal and the appeal of oppressed and wounded others.
By way of a "checklist that mimes checklists" (129), she gathers the characteristics of the ironic, paralogical, rhizomatic, and voluptuous modes of validity that she's sketched--and reminds us that the result (in Deleuze and Guattari's words) is "'an arrangement of desire and enunciation'" rather than "a general recipe" (129).
Furthermore, the paralogical discourse is not necessarily one of consensus, but rather the open ended constestation of categories.
Later, in the same poem, we find this pleasing use of an absolute (paralogical) metaphor: ...