parametric equation

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paramet′ric equa′tion

one of two or more equations expressing the location of a point on a curve or surface by determining each coordinate separately.
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Equation (7) expresses the parametric equation of the generated path through the fictitious mechanism Wp-7.
Although the PLMK has given better predictions than the PLM, its drawback is the difficulty of generalizing using a parametric equation as in the PLMK-parm.
Aspherical shapes, such as paraboloids, can be programmed as a point table or with a parametric equation.
Using the parametric equations for Q(u), compute the coordinates of the intersection points corresponding to the parameter values found in Step 3.
Thus a set of parametric equations of the envelope is the solution of this system of equations.
Students can plot explicit functions and parametric equations in both Cartesian and Polar coordinates, represent equations as graphs and tables, animate plots, create and annotate collections of work in workspaces and share their workspaces through the Palm handheld's infrared beaming feature.
Among the topics are functions and models, applications of differentiation, techniques of integration, parametric equations and polar coordinates, and vector calculus.
The parametric equations of the directrix curve enable the determination of the components of the vector [v.
The fifth edition adds optional sections on parametric graphing, arc length, and parametric equations for conic sections.
The topics include functions, trigonomic functions, polar coordinates and parametric equations, conic sections, and sequences and series.

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