parametric equation

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paramet′ric equa′tion

one of two or more equations expressing the location of a point on a curve or surface by determining each coordinate separately.
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Demographic characteristics of patients with "definite BPPV" were compared with those of the "probables" using the Student's t-test for a continuous parametric variable (age), the Mann--Whitney U test for the non-parametric variable (duration of symptoms), and the Fisher's exact test for the nominal variable (gender).
At the same time, the derivative parametric variable UF presents low to medium positive correlation with NWW and SS variables (r=0.464 and r=0.422) and a weak connection with the other variable SF (speech_ fracture), (r=0.300) under a significant threshold of p=0.05.
The technique is mature, that is, the series expansion for small parametric variable [14].
Although independent t-test was performed for continuous parametric variables, Mann-Whitney U test was performed for non-parametric variables and chi square test was performed for categorical variables.
To compare continuous variables, Student's t-test was used for parametric variables and the Mann-Whitney U test was used for non-parametric variables.
Parametric variables were calculated as mean and standard deviation.
The parametric variables were expressed by the mean and the standard deviation, while the non-parametric variables were expressed by the median, minimum, and maximum values.
Data are reported as means [+ or -] SE for parametric variables and as median (interquartile range) for non-parametric variables.
The Student's f-test was used for comparing parametric variables and the Mann-Whitney U test was used for comparing nonparametric variables, between the allergic rhinitis group and the control group.
Clinical and biological characteristics of study patients (parametric variables) Characteristics Total number of patients * N=77 Age (years) 32.53 ([+ or -] 13.73) BMI (kg/[m.sup.2]) 23.73 ([+ or -] 3.89) Total cholesterol (mg/dl) 199.00 ([+ or -] 43.08) HDL cholesterol (mg/dl) 44.19 ([+ or -] 13.26) LDL cholesterol (mg/dl) 114.76 ([+ or -] 38.98) Triglycerides (mg/dl) 204.12 ([+ or -] 127.54) * Results presented as Mean ([+ or -] SD) Table II.
Quantitative parametric variables were compared between the two groups using the unpaired Student's i-test, and quantitative non-parametric variables were compared using the Mann-Whitney test.