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 (păr′ə-nə-ē′bə, pä′rä-nä-ē′bä)
A river, about 805 km (500 mi) long, of south-central Brazil. It is one of the headstreams of the Paraná River.
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** Curso de Nutricao - Instituto de Ciencias Biologicas e da Saude - Universidade Federal de Vicosa - Campus de Rio Paranaiba -38810-000 - Rio Paranaiba - MG - Brasil.
OGX aims 730,000 bpd output SAO PAOLO: Brazil's oil and gas company OGX said it aims to produce 730,000 oil equivalent barrels per day by the end of 2015 in the Campos and Paranaiba fields.
International Resource News-April 7, 2011--Ortac Resources Ltd restructures ownership of Rio Paranaiba iron ore project(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
Hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome in the Triangulo Mineiro and Alto Paranaiba regions, State of Minas Gerais, 1998- 2005: clinical-epidemiological aspects of 23 cases [in Portuguese].
Nesse contexto, a empresa Magnifica Confeccoes de Paranaiba se ve impelida a tomar medidas que promovam o incremento da produtividade em sua linha de producao.
These layers overlie basalts belonging to Serra Geral Formation (Sao Bento Group, Parana Basin), sandstone belonging to Botucatu Formation (Sao Bento Group), metamorphic and Proterozoic outcrops belonging to Araxa and Canastra groups (Sanfransiscana Basin) and Mesozoic intrusion of the Soerguimento of Alto Paranaiba (Suguio et al., 1979).
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Progresso do melhoramento genetico do feijoeiro nas decadas de setenta e oitenta nas regioes sul e Alto Paranaiba em Minas Gerais.
Conde said Agromercantil's coffee farms are focused in the region of Alto Paranaiba, which sits at an altitude of 1000 meters with regular rainfall, and has a propitious climate for the production of export-quality Arabica coffee beans.
Las dos primeras estan conectadas a traves del Paranaiba y los afluentes del Uruguay, del sistema del Araguaia y del sistema del Madeira.
The exercise was very well planned and organized, with a number of observation points spread out over ten kilometers of both sides of the Paranaiba River north of the city.