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adj. Ecology
1. Occupying geographic areas that are partially overlapping or have a partial barrier between them. Used of organisms, especially populations of the same or closely related species.
2. Occurring among populations having such a distribution: parapatric speciation.

[para- + Greek patrā, fatherland (from patēr, patr-, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots) + -ic.]

par′a·pat′ri·cal·ly adv.
pa·rap′a·try (pə-răp′ə-trē) n.
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the differentiation across steep ecological gradients due to parapatric speciation (Gradient hypothesis).
Microenvironmental heterogeneity is proposed to be an important diversity-generating factor in the neotropical palm flora through the process of parapatric speciation.
Parapatry is the geographic pattern that is assumed to result from parapatric speciation, allopatric speciation with secondary contact, or peripheral isolated speciation (White 1973, Bush 1975, Endler 1977, Lynch 1989).
based on these observations, the oceanographic and thermal discontinuities found near zoogeographic boundaries are frequently invoked as potential extrinsic mechanisms that initiate the processes of allopatric and parapatric speciation along north-south running continental shelves (Valentine 1966; Addicott 1969; Valentine and Jablonski 1983; Hallam 1994; Palumbi 1994).
Small-scale vicariance due to contraction and later expansion of habitats suitable for Albinaria may have played a part (Cameron 1992), as may have parapatric speciation.