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adj. Ecology
1. Occupying geographic areas that are partially overlapping or have a partial barrier between them. Used of organisms, especially populations of the same or closely related species.
2. Occurring among populations having such a distribution: parapatric speciation.

[para- + Greek patrā, fatherland (from patēr, patr-, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots) + -ic.]

par′a·pat′ri·cal·ly adv.
pa·rap′a·try (pə-răp′ə-trē) n.
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At the height of many of these glacial cycles, the current area of sympatry (Beringia) would have been much larger than it is today (Hopkins 1967, Kaufman and Manley 2004), suggesting that parapatric speciation could have occurred.
For example, Anas crecca (Green-winged Teal), a migratory species whose geographic distribution is similar to the plovers, with Old and New World forms meeting in Beringia, is experiencing ongoing parapatric speciation, with distinct Eurasian (A.
These selective pressures stemming from different migratory patterns would have similar effects under allopatric or parapatric speciation scenarios, either reinforcing differences acquired largely in allopatry or mitigating the effects of low levels of gene flow.
Microenvironmental heterogeneity is proposed to be an important diversity-generating factor in the neotropical palm flora through the process of parapatric speciation.
Here I shall advance the argument that habitat and microenvironmental gradients in edaphic and canopy conditions through the process of parapatric speciation may be important for the generation of much of the high species richness in neotropical palms.