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a.1.Having a parapet.
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I stood, methought, on a terrace; I leaned over a parapeted wall; there was space below me, depth I could not fathom, but hearing an endless dash of waves, I believed it to be the sea; sea spread to the horizon; sea of changeful green and intense blue: all was soft in the distance; all vapour-veiled.
These, however, lasted until the '80s, and I well remember them being enclosed by a low parapeted whitewashed wall, where, in front of one of them, a square board mounted on a post proclaimed 'Ginger Beer sold here.'.
A spokesman for the firm said: "It boasts many architectural features, including superb reception rooms to the north-east and south-east corners, incorporating a long, canted parapeted bay and flush mullions, all typical of the famed architect partnership of Edgar Wood and James Henry Sellers.