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Of or relating to a group of taxa that includes the common ancestor of all the members but not all descendants of that ancestor.

par′a·phy·let′i·cal·ly adv.
par′a·phy′ly (păr′ə-fī′lē, pə-răf′ə-lē) n.
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A taxon, such as a genus or species, can also be a clade, in which case it is monophyletic, but some taxa may exclude some descendants (paraphyletic taxa) or include descendants from more than one ancestor (poly-phyletic taxa).
Although we recognize that "dicots" represent a paraphyletic group, we use the term for convenience.
Paraphyletic clades are visible from European sources, particularly from US and Japan isolates, which create a panmictic community, indicating frequent transmission between these countries.
is paraphyletic with respect to a monophyletic Eriophorum L.
In group A, four clades were found in which clade Amblyopinae and Oxudercinae were paraphyletic with high supported value and the result was endorsed by Thacker (2003), Thacker and Roje (2011) and Tornabene et al.
Multiple origins of downy mildews and mito-nuclear discordance within the paraphyletic genus Phytophthora.
In all analyses, Microcreagrinae was recovered as paraphyletic and Neobisiinae (minus Parobisium) formed a well-supported clade.
Necrotauliidae has been described as a paraphyletic assemblage of species containing basal Trichoptera, basal Lepidoptera, and advanced stem-Amphiesmenoptera [6,13].
By accepting a new genus Magallana [type species Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg, 1793)] for a clade of Pacific Crassostrea, and by rejecting the genus Talonostrea (Li and Qi, 1994) [type species Talonostrea talonata (Li and Qi, 1994)] for the Pacific sister clade Magallana, WoRMS has effectively rendered the (Atlantic) genus Crassostrea paraphyletic. By this interpretation, the latter genus would comprise both the Atlantic Crassostrea clade [type species Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791)] and the Talonostrea clade which is, however, the sister clade of Magallana.