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Noun1.Parashurama - an incarnation of Vishnu who rid the earth of Kshatriyas
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Summary: Ojhar (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 9 (ANI): Dakota aircraft, rechristened as 'Parashurama' after its resurrection, made its maiden landing at the Air Force Station here on Friday.
The Guru, Parashurama, guessed at once that his disciple was not a Brahmin and cursed him, saying his weapon would become useless to him at a critical juncture."
The accused were later identified as Parashurama Basavaneppa ( 25), Manohar Bheemappa ( 40) and Nagappa Ranoji ( 38), who fled the village after committing the crime.
Parashurama and Rama are of the same size as Garuda and Lakshmi and occupy positions by their side on the pedestal, suggesting their relative importance locally, compared to the other incarnations.
These Gods included Ganesha, Jamadagni (husband of Yellamma) and Parashurama (son of Yellamma).
The legend of Parashurama, traditional works such as the Sahyadrikhanda, the reigns of the Chalukyas of Badami, kings of Vijayanagara and the Adil Shahis, the intervention of foreign merchants and rulers, the Arabian Sea coast, and the Western Ghats represent only a few of the major similarities in their history.
He has had nine incarnations, or avatars; Matsya, a fish; Kurma, a tortoise; Varah, a boar; Narasimha, a half man, half lion; Vamena, a dwarf; Parashurama, a human with an axe; Rama, a human, hero of the epic Ramayana;
After sporting different avatars, from that of a cattle herder to a schoolboy to Narad Muni- Sivaprasad was also spotted in a 'Parashurama' avatar.
A pristine land reclaimed from water by the falling of Parashurama's arrow, as Indic mythology goes, Goa was once part of the Mauryan empire and was ruled in succession by the Satavahanas, Bhojas, Chalukyas, Shilaharas, Kadambas and Yadavas before it became an Islamic periphery, then a Portuguese colony, and subsequently a part of Independent India.
He had earlier dressed up as Narad Muni, cattle herder, Lord Parashurama, and a woman while demanding special status for the state.