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A paratha especially a stuffed one can be eaten simply with a dollop of butter or ghee due to its spice and flavour-rich dough.
For example, most workers were found to start their hectic day by having a breakfast of tea with paratha (fried unleavened bread popular with Southeast Asians).
The cuisine is predominantly home style Indian cooking with influence from all corners of the world and has been developed by three masterchefs - Mahesh Rathudi, Guru Prasad and Arvind Rawat - who individually have amassed the following awards: Regional Chef of the year (London) 2008 Regional Chef of the Year (Birmingham) 2009 Regional Chef of the Year (Manchester) 2009 Food Innovation award 2009 The emphasis is on the adventurous and the daring and encourage diners to sample the following: Prawn Chettinad - Tiger Prawns cooked with a roasted blend of fennel, peppercorns and curry leaves, served with leavened paratha.
Balancing taste and health is an extremely difficult proposition; being the pioneers & innovators, we have proven competencies and have been consistently best selling frozen Paratha brand worldwide.
The Paratha House is a popular cafeteria located in a quiet backwater street in bustling Hoora, close to a well-known uniform shop and sports store.
We accompanied the mains with keema pilau rice, a nice rice liberally sprinkled throughout with spiced mincemeat and a keema paratha, a butter fried Indian bread -again with spiced meat inside -all of which was washed down with cold lager.
The owner's account is corroborated by many local tea connoisseurs, who claim that no amount of Earl Greys or even the finest tea from Cyelon can ever compare with the wow factor and taste provided by the Cafe Pyala's special 'Doodh Patti Chai', which is served along with 'fried Paratha'.
The kitchen opens out on to the street, a nice touch, allowing customers to view the pots of curries bubbling away while they wait for their paratha (Indian bread made with whole wheat flour, pan fried in ghee) to be freshly cooked alongside the chicken tikka grilling over hot coals.
Aloo Paratha, an Indian flatbread stuffed with mashed potatoes, is new to the United States market from Kohinoor Foods, Houston, Texas.
And no curry outing would be complete without the stuffed paratha. This was baking hot and cooked to perfection, crisp and firm on the outside, plumped with peppers on the inside.
A number of women can be seen in weekly bazaars of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and other markets offering peeled fruit,Corn, Potato Paratha and some other food items.
Similarly, over dozen types of parathas are prepared and served at these cafes which include lachchay walay parathay, anda paratha [egg paratha], meetha paratha [sweet paratha], aloo bharay parathay [potato-filled paratha], achar aloo parathay, kabab parathay, aloo chicken parathay [potato and chicken paratha], paneer parathay, daal bhara paratha, chicken paratha, chicken achari paratha, chicken paneer paratha and pizza paratha.