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Noun1.Parathelypteris - terrestrial ferns of warm and tropical Asia and North America
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Thelypteridaceae, Thelypteridaceae - genera Thelypteris, Phegopteris, and others
Dryopteris noveboracensis, New York fern, Parathelypteris novae-boracensis - slender shield fern of moist woods of eastern North America; sometimes placed in genus Dryopteris
Massachusetts fern, Parathelypteris simulata, Thelypteris simulata - delicate feathery shield fern of the eastern United States; sometimes placed in genus Thelypteris
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parasiticus (L.) Farwell Parathelypteris glanduligera (Kunze) Ching Phegopteris decursive-pinnata (Hall) Fee 14 Pronephrium penangianum (Hook.) Holtt.