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n. Hinduism
Shiva's wife and the benevolent manifestation of the mother goddess Devi.

[Sanskrit Pārvatī, from pārvatī, mountain stream, from parvataḥ, mountain; see per- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Hinduism) Hinduism goddess consort of the god Siva, associated with mountains
[from Sanskrit: the mountain-dwelling one]
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Noun1.Parvati - wife of Siva and a benevolent aspect of Devi: Hindu goddess of plentyParvati - wife of Siva and a benevolent aspect of Devi: Hindu goddess of plenty
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Naught he found too lofty, none he saw too low-- Parbati beside him watched them come and go; Thought to cheat her husband, turning Shiv to jest-- Stole the little grasshopper and hid it in her breast.
When the dole was ended, laughingly she said, Master, of a million mouths, is not one unfed?" Laughing, Shiv made answer, "All have had their part, Even he, the little one, hidden 'neath thy heart." From her breast she plucked it, Parbati the thief, Saw the Least of Little Things gnawed a new-grown leaf!
A couple of bridges, vehicles, machinery and other equipments at the under construction Parbati Hydro Electric Project have been washed away.
You eh mean that girl from Bassie Corner, eh?" Parbati asked.
Still stunned by news that Kumar Pun had given his life for Britain on Thursday, his wife Parbati was told on Friday she and his children could be ordered out of the UK next year.
New Delhi, Sep 14 (ANI): The Indian Air Force team on Sunday rescued and evacuated 19 members of the Army Mountaineering Expedition team from the Pin Parbati pass in Himachal Pradesh with the help of Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv.
Yet within 24 hours, heartless penpushers in Whitehall, safe behind their desks, had told his wife Parbati and her two small daughters that they face being kicked out of Britain.
They set up home together in Dover, where Parbati, now six, and their second daughter Petrina, 18 months, are settled.