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[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman, from parcen, portion, division, from Vulgar Latin *partiō, partiōn-, from Latin partitiō, partitiōn-; see partition.]


a person who takes an equal share with another or others; coheir. Also called: coparcener
[C13: from Old French parçonier, from parçon distribution, from Latin partītiō a sharing, from partīre to divide]


(ˈpɑr sə nər)

a joint heir.
[1250–1300; < Anglo-French, =parcen (Old French parçon < Latin partitiōnem, acc. of partitiō partition) + -er2]


a coheir or joint heir; a person who holds property jointly by inheritance.
See also: Property and Ownership
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I honor the place within you where, if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there's only one of us.' Namaste." BECOMING AN INSPIRATIONAL LEADER 1 Defining the leader's uniqueness that call to be lived -- the destiny 2 Defining the cause -- a magnet for passion 3 Enabling parceners * to find their calling 4 Aligning cause and calling 5 Serving parceners 6 Guiding the contribution of brilliance 7 Creating the environment that encourage parceners to inspire their leader * those who partake or share in something with another or others; partners Soure: Inspirational Leadership: Destiny, Calling, and Cause (Macmillan Canada, 1999)
(143) One of Tucker's cases raised the question of "whether one parcener can maintain an Ejectment against another for an undivided part of the Inheritance." (144) Neither the lawyers nor Tucker had ever found such a case, (145) prompting the judge to enter into an extended disquisition on the nature of ejectment.