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A trademark for a board game based on the ancient game of pachisi.
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(Games, other than specified) trademark a modern board game derived from the ancient game of pachisi
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(pɑrˈtʃi zi)
a brand of the game pachisi.
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Noun1.Parcheesi - a modern board game based on pachisi
pachisi, parchesi, parchisi - an ancient board game resembling backgammon; played on a cross-shaped board
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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These days, Beers is back to his routine, which includes daily games of Rummikub and Parcheesi with his wife.
There's choreography around a pinball machine titled 'Pinball'; a number called 'Flashlight Tag,' where everyone is holding a flashlight, and there's a human chandelier who rises to the air; a Bollywood-themed 'Parcheesi'; military men in 'Battleship'; 'Video Games' featuring Tony nominee Ariana DeBose; an opening number titled 'Let's Play,' featuring music by 'Allegiance' music supervisor Lynne Shankel and lyrics by Amanda Green; and the game of 'Life,' in a resounding finale with all the dancers onstage.
Did she think she was going to play Parcheesi at four o'clock in the morning?
Prince is the one guy who's always said no to parodies, but if he wants to go bowling or play Parcheesi, I'm certainly open to that."
(2) Play board or indoor games (table football, billiards, cards, parcheesi, chess, ...)
Aside from taking the required measurements of the Earth's magnetism and other scientific observations, there was little to do but play Parcheesi and stare at one another.
If another civilization was aware of us and could travel between stars, and if it thought as we do, it generally would like to (A) conquer us, (B) eat us (or at least take advantage of our resources), or (C) befriend us, if for nothing more than to play interstellar Parcheesi. Yet none of these has occurred.
After it was developed in India, Parcheesi arrived in England and the U.S.
Chudalup, where we were disturbed in the night by two unsavoury gents, who seemed to have plans for us, and it wasn't a game of Parcheesi. Toby was engaging them so that a line was not crossed in our campsite; Harry was having thoughts of Mexican bandits; and I was heading for the bread knife.
Kerouac enacted these games by releasing marbles and a ball bearing down a Parcheesi board and recording his results.