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Parfit and Campbell and McMahan defend an alternative to animalism that avoids the problem.
Following Parfit we can say that KR gives different aims to different agents.
Perhaps the most clearly elucidated account of existential phenomenological relatedness that I have sought to propose is provided by another non-existentialist --the internationally renowned British philosopher, Derek Parfit, who died at the very beginning of 2017.
In 2011, the Oxford philosopher Derek Parfit published a two-volume work titled On What Matters.
As Derek Parfit correctly points out, a blind man taking away another eye from someone will never make his condition any better.
Huddersfield: Workman; Rawsthorne, Hodgson, Owen, Hodson; Bell, Jeffrey; Battye, Walker, Sanderson, Thompson, Malthouse, Parfit, Hoyle, Sharpe.
Smart y Derek Parfit, o por los dos autores de la monografia, frente a las criticas formuladas por G.
It is, as Derek Parfit would put it, (6) normatively significant, but not in itself normative--at least it is not obvious that or how it is itself normative.
Here are just a few of the scores of contrastive pairings, triplings, or even broader and variously significant associations that readers carefully attending to what Chaucer the Pilgrim reports from the Tabard Inn have found: 'worthy' and 'worthynesse' used as leitworter in the description of the 'verray, parfit gentil knyght' (43, 47, 50, 64, 68) but also used in reference to the Friar (243, 269), Merchant (279, 283), Franklin (360), and Wife of Bath (459); the observation that the Prioress's wimple is neatly pleated (151), while the Wife of Bath, too, is 'ywympled wel' (470); and that the Friar shuns 'a thredbare cope' (260), while the Clerk wears a 'thredbare .
A striking example is the Objective List Theory, which Derek Parfit defines as a theory that claims that "certain things are good or bad for people, whether or not these people would want to have the good things, or to avoid the bad things.
Like Chaucer's 'veray parfit gentil knight, Dennis was a gentleman.
Herman, Barbara (2011), "A Mismatch of Methods," in Parfit, Derek, On What Matters.