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1.(Anat.) A combining form used to indicate connection with, or relation to, the parietal bones or the parietal segment of the skull; as, the parieto-mastoid suture.
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Achieved Vision gradually recovery normal milestones of improved for 2 development months MRI findings Bilateral extensive Hyperintense signals during the and confluent in both parieto- acute stage hyperintensities in occipital regions the white matter, with mild diffusion mostly in the restriction in T2 parietal and and flair images occipital lobe, (Fig.
The MR imaging showed a left parietal lesion, and a second lesion was located in the right parieto- temporal region (Figures 2A, B and C).
MR imaging and angiography revealed AVM in parieto- occipital region with supply predominantly from left posterior cerebral and middle cerebral arteries.